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Deutsche Telekom Reaches Majority Stake in T-Mobile U.S. - CEO

 Deutsche Telekom now holds a majority in T-Mobile U.S., the chief executive of the German telecoms company said on Wednesday. The company reached a majority stake in T-Mobile U.S late Tuesday, CEO Tim Höttges said at the company’s annual general meeting. “We have the majority and are the largest shareholder of the world’s most valuable […]

T-Mobile U.S. opens connectivity to Metro by T-Mobile customers

T-Mobile U.S. extended its involvement in the federal government’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) to Metro by T-Mobile.   All eligible Metro by T-Mobile customers, both new and existing, will be able to get free wireless services, from 27 January, with high-speed smartphone data or up to $30 off on all Metro by T-Mobile smartphone plans with […]

T-Mobile Suffers from Another Cyber Threat Exposing SIMs and Info

T-Mobile reported on Tuesday yet another cyber threat where criminals accessed “a small number of” users’ accounts, following a devastating data breach dating back to August 2021. The T-Mobile’s report revealed how the telecom operator noticed “unauthorized activity” on some accounts, where hackers gained access to view customer proprietary network information (CPNI), “an active SIM […]

T-Mobile to pay $20M after outage led to failed 911 calls

Wireless carrier T-Mobile agreed to pay $19.5 million in a settlement with the Federal Communications Commission over a 12-hour nationwide outage in June 2020 that resulted in thousands of failed 911 calls. The FCC said Tuesday that as part of the settlement, T-Mobile will also commit to improving communications of outages to emergency call centers, […]

AT&T 5G Plus Plan mirrors T-Mobile’s coverage trails

AT&T announced on Tuesday the initiation of its plan to deploy the fifth generation of network with C-band spectrum, a factor that will reinforce the carrier’s total 5G coverage. Currently, the operator is offering two categorizations of the fifth generation: 5G Plus over high-band mmWave spectrum and regular 5G – which resembles 4G LTE. “AT&T […]