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Your Essentiel Guide to Windows 11 22h2

Microsoft released Windows 11, their latest operating system (OS), a year ago. In September 2022, however, they introduced a new free update, Windows 11 22h2. This update constitutes the first significant update of the new generation of Windows. It introduced a new set of features, enhancing security, productivity, and overall user experience. The new update […]

What to Know Before Installing Windows 11

Windows 11 has introduced some fantastic new features. Microsoft has simplified the process of upgrading to a new OS. However, to guarantee a clean installation, it’s still important to do certain background checks and a few tins to keep in mind before installing Windows 11. First, before any major shift in software, make sure everything […]

Microsoft’s Windows 11 launches on October 5 with explicit hardware list

Microsoft announced on Tuesday plans to release Windows 11 on October 5th with a free upgrade of the operating system accessible for new hardware that functions with Windows 11 pre-loaded and qualified Windows 10 PCs. Microsoft is stunning its userbase with Windows 11 rollout in an announcement on its blog, revealing that primarily only eligible […]

Microsoft’s threat to eliminate Windows 11 updates

Microsoft is threatening to retain certain Windows updates from current copies of its latest OS, Windows 11, should users refrain from downloading and “manually” installing an ISO file, since unsupported PCs will not be privileged to install Windows, security, and driver updates. On Sunday, the software developer announced that it will not prevent users from […]

Microsoft releases first Windows 11 Beta OS

Microsoft released on Thursday Windows 11 Beta for users craving a more stabilized OS pre-release, available to those registered in its Windows Insider Program for highly technical users, the tech giant announced. According to Microsoft, its latest OS release is much less unpredictable as its builds are validated by the company. The beta release’s official […]

Watch out from malware riddled Windows 11

If you’re interested in enjoying the latest release of Windows 11, then you should beware of a couple things first.  The release of Windows 11 came with more than just notable upgrades, as vicious malware is floating in several fake installers of the newest version, according to Kaspersky.  The multinational cybersecurity and anti-virus provider warned Windows users that cybercriminals are taking full advantage […]

Windows 11 Preview Is Finally Available for Download

Microsoft has publicly released its long-anticipated windows software; Windows 11. To typical individuals with any windows functioning desktop or laptop, this is just another update released by tech titan Microsoft; however, to the PC community it is so much more than that. To its community, this new software means sleeker visual features, accessibility to third […]

Microsoft's Latest Windows Update Ensures Users' Data Protection

Microsoft’s latest patch round on Tuesday fixes includes a fix for a bug that could result in some user data not being erased after a Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC reset.  Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Rudy Ooms discovered this issue in late February, which resulted in some user data still being comprehensible in the […]

Google brings Android games to Windows as early as 2022

Google will introduce Google Play Games to Windows in 2022, according to an announcement by the major cross-platform during the Game Awards 2021. Google Play Games app is built by Google to allow games from Google Play to run on Windows laptops, tablets, and PCs. As such, Greg Hartrell, Google’s product director of games on […]