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Beijing Slams FCC’s Decision to Delist China Unicom

Following Washington’s decision to ban China Unicom from providing service in the U.S., Beijing has condemned the move as baseless, vowing to protect its operations’ “legitimate rights and interests” in the U.S. market. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) made a bold move to revoke the Chinese-backed telco’s license, prohibiting it from delivering further services […]

FCC Cancels China Unicom License to Operate in the U.S.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has revoked China Unicom’s authority to provide telecom services in the U.S.    Under the adopted Order on Revocation, China Unicom Americas must withdraw all domestic and international services within 60 days.   A similar order was released late last year for China Telecom.   While the deal includes the firm stopping offering […]

ZTE helps China Unicom complete optical network services

ZTE Corporation worked with China Unicom to finish the work on the country’s first automatic provisioning of multi-protocol cross-vendor management, as well as control system and multi-scenario end-to-end services, which are all present in the network of China Unicom.    The international provider of telecommunications, enterprise, and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet, said in a press release that […]

China Unicom partners with ZTE to introduce PoC of computing power network

The two companies ZTE Corporation and China Unicom completed Proof of Concept (PoC) of computing power network service scheduling.     In a statement by ZTE, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise, and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet, said that this PoC, based on the SDN+SRv6 Policy framework, achieves flexible scheduling of value-added services across multiple resource […]

China Unicom, Huawei deploy 1,000 5G Super Uplink sites

China Unicom Beijing and Huawei report they have deployed Super Uplink at more than 1,000 commercial sites in Beijing as part of their joint 5G Capital project launched in April 2020. Chinese state-owned telecommunications operator tested 5G Super Uplink on its commercial networks in 2020. It then started to deploy the service at a smaller […]

China 6G Satellite Ventures

The China 6G satellite launch is still recent. The world watched closely as the giant moved towards another push to dominate the market. Yet most critics remained on the edge of what they know and what they do not about the Chinese 6G plans. Most notably, the question remains, how will the US handle such […]

China Welcomes a Fourth 5G Telecom Provider

China is one of the largest countries around the world. Together with India, it accounts for about one third of the world’s population and two thirds of Asia’s population. The country has been enjoying steady economic growth with a gross domestic product (GDP) increase of about 10 percent each year according the World Bank. However, […]