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EXPLAINER: Why the Colonial Pipeline hack matters

A cyberattack on a critical U.S. pipeline is sending ripple effects across the economy, highlighting cybersecurity vulnerabilities in the nation’s aging energy infrastructure. The Colonial Pipeline, which delivers about 45% of the fuel used along the Eastern Seaboard, shut down Friday after a ransomware attack by gang of criminal hackers that calls itself DarkSide. Depending […]

Biggest Cyberattacks of 2021

2021 came, and with it came the wave of emerging technologies in various sectors, be it medical, sustainability, blockchain technology, and much more. And while 2021 wasn’t as intense as its predecessor, the year still brought with it some challenges that were quite an ordeal to overcome, or even avoid, for that matter. With this […]

US charges 2 suspected major ransomware operators

A suspected Ukrainian hacker has been arrested and charged in the United States in connection with a string of costly ransomware attacks, including one that snarled businesses around the globe on the Fourth of July weekend, U.S. officials said Monday. Yaroslav Vasinskyi was arrested last month after traveling to Poland, according to the Justice Department, […]

Supernational fronts retaliate against cybercrime group REvil

Cybercrime group REvil was infiltrated by U.S. governmental agencies and obliged to go dark after cybercrime operation attacking from supernational fronts, reported by Reuters.  Speculations circulating the group’s recent absence following Recorded Future security specialist Dimitry Smilyanets went to Twitter to reveal various messages from the account of a famous REvil operator, ‘0_neday.’ The messages displayed […]

US talks global cybersecurity without a key player: Russia

Amid an epidemic of ransomware attacks, the U.S. is discussing cybersecurity strategy this week with 30 countries while leaving out one key player: Russia. The country that, unwittingly or not, hosts many of the criminal syndicates behind ransomware attacks was not invited to a two-day meeting starting Wednesday to develop new strategies to counter the […]

DOJ empowers False Claims Act, Federal contractors’ cybersecurity threat

U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) disclosed on Wednesday intentions of implementing the False Claims Act as an additional measure to follow-up on cybersecurity cases intertwined with federal contractors playing a role in exposing the country’s security ecosystem to cybersecurity threats. Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco introduced this week the Civil Cyber-Fraud Initiative that will […]

Biden’s Zero Trust order unites Big Tech under national security

Microsoft’s accommodations to President Joe Biden’s executive order to hinder cyberattacks on the U.S. will support public and private sectors in establishing the right infrastructure for a bolstered up Zero Trust network security model. After a full year of ransomware and supply chain attacks, Microsoft is one of 18 cybersecurity firms selected to work in […]

$10 million rewards bolster White House anti-ransomware bid

The State Department will offer rewards up to $10 million for information leading to the identification of anyone engaged in foreign state-sanctioned malicious cyber activity, including ransomware attacks, against critical U.S. infrastructure. A task force set up by the White House will coordinate efforts to stem the ransomware scourge. The Biden administration is also out […]