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Is Cybersecurity a Low Priority in Lebanon?

Three hacking incidents in Lebanon this month have raised serious concerns about what sort of priority is being placed on the need for cybersecurity. On the 7th of January, video screens at Rafiki Hariri Airport replaced standard airport information with threats to Hezbollah. Two baggage carousels stopped working. And MEA (Middle East Airlines) passengers were […]

EU Proposes $1.2 Billion Plan to Counter Growing Cybersecurity Threats

The European Commission on Tuesday announced a 1.1-billion-euro ($1.2 billion) plan to counter growing cybersecurity threats, underscoring mounting concerns about a series of high-profile hacking incidents. The growing use of cyber warfare in the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine has also triggered alarm. “The EU Cyber Solidarity Act will strengthen solidarity at Union level […]

Microsoft Introduces AI-Powered Cybersecurity Assistant

 Microsoft Corp on Tuesday launched a tool to help cybersecurity professionals identify breaches, threat signals and better analyze data, using OpenAI’s latest GPT-4 generative artificial intelligence model. The tool, named ‘Security Copilot’, is a simple prompt box that will help security analysts with tasks like summarizing incidents, analyzing vulnerabilities and sharing information with co-workers on […]