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telecom prize Inside Telecom

Mar 3, 2021

About the prize:

FASTER Community invites TELECOM providers, developers, vendors and all the sector to apply for TELECOM Prize which will be held virtually live on March 3rd.

TELECOM Prize has 15 categories which the candidates can apply for any of them.

The Jury:

FASTER Community assigned C-Level members in the jury where they will review all the submitted applications and evaluated to choose the winners.

To apply for the prize, kindly visit www.telecomprize.com.

About FASTER Community:

FASTER Community is one of the fastest growing communities on the internet where people discuss and exchange their experiences, knowledge and achievements on:


A: Artificial Intelligence

S: Startup, Software and Security

T: Telco

E: e-Commerce

R: Retail-Tech

We believe in bringing together people with similar interests – that’s why we work hard to make sure all the members of our community feel welcome, heard and respected. Our mission is to create an ideal environment where people can shine by discussing FASTER topics to build long term relationships between them.

We strive towards excellence and professionalism so we organize and host prizes’ ceremonies, events, panel discussions and workshops.

For more information, kindly visit www.fastercommunity.com