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Farouk Tabbal, eSIM Product Manager at Monty Mobile

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eSIM Monty Mobile
Tell us more about Monty Mobile’s GSMA-accredited consumer eSIM RSP platform?

Monty Mobile instant connectivity platform provides over-the-air capabilities to manage subscriptions on consumer devices that are eSIM supported. It is an essential platform to digitalize the end-user journey.

There are a growing number of providers; 200 MNOs have already adopted the eSIM technology while almost all new devices have eSIM support. It has been predicted that by 2025, one-third of smartphone connections will use eSIM globally. Now is the time for all MNOs to support the technology as it comes with a wealth of benefits for end users and for mobile operators.

What are the benefits for end users and MNOs?

The major feature of this technology is that it allows the end user to have several profiles on the same device. The owner of the device essentially manages all subscriptions and is at the center of the experience.

I believe this is a big opportunity for MNOs to connect many more devices (wearables, laptops, tablets and smartphones) and to develop and diversify new service offerings.

Tell us more about the latest commercial plan at Monty Mobile?

Monty Mobile is offering a one-year free trial period for all mobile operators. The reason for this approach is to encourage the MNOs to adopt the eSIM technology by providing them the flexibility to test the product for a whole year with no contractual obligations and zero investment cost.

What will happen to the eSIM of end users if the MNO decides to terminate the contract after a year?

Actually, nothing will be affected, the downloaded profiles will still be active and manageable by the device LPA. Once the profile resides in the eUICC, it will become functional by the device’s LPA unless the user decides to delete the profile.

For more information, please contact:
Farouk Tabbal
Product Manager

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Press Releases

Monty Mobile’s Show ID

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Show ID Monty Mobile

Monty Mobile is on a quest to provide its userbase with the right tools to carry out control over mobile services, while meeting and exceeding any form of basic services.

With the Show ID application, all calls conducted with contacts and companies will be synchronized, registering all calls made or received on the app.

Show ID provides mobile subscribers with the ability to identify callers’ identity, determine a preferred method to manage calls, and refrain from receiving or accepting unwanted calls. It offers subscribers the power to secure calls, identify which company or organization is reaching out, and directly block nuisance calls.


With the app’s easy to use approach, users can download the app on their Android or iOS devices through their available app store.

Users can access the app’s services by filling in the needed registration information such as phone number, which will reveal a Permission Notification Template, followed by a One Time Password (OTP) sent as an SMS.

Following basic registration steps, users will finalize the process by uploading an image, filling in the name, title, and about me tab.

Current Service Features

Search Engine/Homepage

Show ID’s call detection feature varies from current detection features for telephone carriers.

Through this function, subscribers will achieve the highest level of security by enforcing full control in detecting caller’s ID by name or number within its database. This will help restore subscribers’ trust in phone calls and fulfill Monty Mobile’s vision of delivering trustworthy communications solutions to all users.

In parallel, call detection features will be based on two main factors: caller location and profession. Any generated search will display the number’s central information, such as profile photo, full name or industry, number, location, profession, biography, and ratings.

To block certain contacts, the application permits users to block chosen contacts by selecting “settings” at the right top of the page. This will deliver the freedom to reject any calls from previously blocked numbers, giving subscribers full authority over who to receive calls from.

Also, subscribers can invite unregistered contacts via the invite tab and block unregistered contacts through the app’s block feature.


In addition to the app’s multi diverse functions, Show ID’s rating function gives users the ability to check number’s ratings, and engage in commenting and liking the displayed rating.


As part of Monty Mobile’s vision to deliver secure telecommunication services, users are offered an instant contact identification by clicking on the contact list. This will display users’ phone book with their contact list.

Subscribers can acquire the necessary data about any contact of their choice – only if the contact is registered in Show ID database.

Investigated numbers’ information incorporates the numbers’ full name – as registered in Show ID – contact’s name as saved on the device, location, profession, biography, and rating.

By choosing Show ID, the contact list will not be restricted by inside-app users only.

After selecting the invite button, subscribers can publicize their personal contact list by sending invitations to a contact of their choice, which will direct an invite to join the app via SMS.

Edit profile

With all the security features incorporated in the application, Show ID also consists of an assortment of benefits with the sole aim to deliver an advanced experience to provide users with full control over the displayed profile. 

This gives subscribers complete power over their profile’s appearance by allowing them to customize it to their liking. This includes options such as blocked, privacy policy, contact us, and log out, as well as changing their profile display.

As well as controlling the profile’s appearance, subscribers have the option of modifying their name, title, about me section, location, and occupation whenever preferred.


By clicking on “Blocked List,” users can locate and refer to any number on the list – by doing so, it enables accessing any number blocked by the app.

Privacy Policy

As privacy is one of the key factors in securing subscribers’ data, Monty Mobile integrated a bundle of privacy guidelines in its “Privacy Policy” section.

This concerns personal information collected across the application, which can be influenced by users’ interaction with the app.

Contact Us

In case subscribers are confronted with a problem, they can contact the app’s support team for assistance.

All that is required is to fill out the personal information section – name, phone number, and email address – preceded by a message notifying the app’s team of the obstacle.


In addition to providing subscribers with various security features, the app includes further benefits to generate to users the best experience they can have, such as edit profile, blocked, privacy policy, contact us, and finally log out. 

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Monty Mobile offers Safe Surf to preserve digital safety

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Safe Surf

With Children and young adults spending over a third of their time online, digital safety has become indispensable. Parental control apps started gaining immense popularity among parents who seek to keep a regular check on their children’s online activities to save their kids from unwanted and dangerous mishaps of the internet world! 

Monty Mobile presents “Safe Surf”, a new Parental Control application that takes screen time parenting to a whole new level. Safe Surf gives mobile subscribers the visibility, control and protection they need for screen time parenting.  

Subscribers will be able to access instant reporting of internet searches, application usage, downloads, and call and SMS logs. In addition, the platform also will also provide Mobile Operators with an additional revenue stream simultaneously strengthening their subscribers’ loyalty and increasing their ARPU (Average Revenue Per User).  

Designed with parents in mind, Safe Surf goes beyond the usual parental control apps and allows parents to monitor their kids’ incoming and outgoing calls and text messages. Parents will also be able to track their children’s device location, see screen time usage for the day, and be able to customize protection and control how their child is using their device by scheduling curfews, and blocking content and apps usage.  This is bundled with advanced dashboard for a 360° view at all times. 

With Safe Surf, Mobile Operators can now give parents insights and power to guide their family’s internet usage and digital habits, ensuring everyone is digitally safe.  

Learn more about the app features today: https://www.montymobile.com/product/safe-surf/   

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DIDWW launches customer address and identity management via API

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APIs are an essential part of any web application today, helping businesses to accelerate the development and deployment of innovative services while responding to ever-changing digital markets. DIDWW, a leading cloud telecommunication service provider, has announced that customer address and identity management is now fully available via their REST API.

This latest update to the DIDWW API enables customers to fully automate the submission and management of end-user details required for the DID number registration compliance. The company has designed the Identities & Addresses feature to simplify the entire process, thus significantly reducing the time customers typically spend when completing the registration procedure.

In addition, the DIDWW API is geared towards telecom operators, allowing them to fully integrate DIDWW products and expand their service portfolios. A wide range of account management functions can be performed, including ordering and configuring phone numbers all around the world, creating SIP trunks, configuring voice capacity limits, retrieving call data records, and more. On top of that, another significant enhancement to this powerful API will soon be available – a porting tool that will streamline and automate the process of phone number portability.

Marius Martinkus, Technical Operations Manager at DIDWW,said, Through our carrier-friendly API, we offer greater flexibility, ease of management, and high scalability for any business. We’re excited to introduce Identities & Addresses functionality that will simplify and automate the end-user registration procedures.”


DIDWW is a platform for telecommunication professionals with full self-service access and real-time provisioning, APIs and all the necessary building blocks for achieving the ultimate control over voice and SMS services.

The company offers the largest fully compliant international coverage of local, national, mobile, toll-free voice and SMS-enabled virtual phone numbers, two-way local and global SIP trunks, access to local emergency services, flexible capacity options, free global number portability, a number selection tool, and more.

DIDWW delivers premium quality services to thousands of operators worldwide through a private and fully geo-redundant network with mission-critical reliability and guaranteed SLAs. Their customers enjoy advanced solutions coupled with a unique service experience and superior value, all driven by a highly motivated team of professionals.

To learn more about DIDWW, please visit https://www.didww.com/.

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