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Women in Technology – Negating the ‘Bro-Culture’

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Africa Tech Festival Africacom

Men need to be part of the solution for there to be more women in technology – AfricaCom and AfricaTech set the stage for necessary robust discussion in 2020.

An exceptional line-up of speakers at this year’s Africa Tech Festival, are set to raise awareness around the different challenges facing Africa

London, 26 August 2020 AfricaCom and AfricaTech have become synonymous with industry change in the digital infrastructure and emerging technology space, their evolution, as well as robust debate over the years.  In 2020, that tradition continues.  One such innovation that is sure to attract its share of controversy and attention, will be the second ‘Women in Tech Takeover’, that returns to the AfricaTech Centre Stage and the AHUB as part of the new AccelerateHER programme of content.

This year’s events will take place virtually as part of the newly launched Virtual Africa Tech Festival, from 09 -13 November 2020. Being a fully-fledged virtual event, organisers expect the Women in Tech and AccelerateHER sessions to be very well attended, as there remains an ongoing battle for women to be seen as equals in terms of leadership and investment in the male-dominated tech space.

Setting the scene, and as outspoken and thought provoking as ever, Lorraine Steyn, international speaker and the pioneering founder of South Africa’s first female-led software development shop – some 35 years ago – observes that: “The digital world is the epitome of democracy… it doesn’t see people through rose-tinted glasses. Yet, I’m always amazed to see male delegates at conferences leave the hall en masse when women tech experts stand up to deliver their presentations around Women in Tech.

“This is what is broken. All those men have decided that the issues that women in tech face are not their issues.  But, that’s the point.  It is just as much their responsibility to create an inclusive environment, as it is for women.  We need to see the dominant players in the IT field realize that by excluding women from this space, we all lose.”

Steyn’s annoyance is shared by colleagues around the world and given that AfricaCom and AfricaTech are online, the 2020 instalment is expected to attract many more female business and tech experts.  It’s also an ideal opportunity for men to remain in the ‘room’ and get to grips with understanding that as part of the problem, they are also part of the solution.

“This year’s event is ground-breaking as we move from face-to-face networking and presenting to purely virtual conferencing, but it’s the perfect opportunity for the industry to live its own message of embracing digital disruption,” says Tom Cuthell, Event Director of Africa Tech Festival.

The technology in place for both AfricaCom and AfricaTech will ensure that attendees get more out of this event than ever before. People can live stream any event from wherever they are in the world, replay sessions for clarity or in the event of scheduling conflicts, and actively comment and view remarks from other delegates during presentations. There is also streamlined communicating, networking and one-one-ones in private meeting rooms to create that virtual event X-factor.

“Virtual exhibitions and conferences are actually going to grow in popularity when people get comfortable with the technology and how it will help them to not miss anything while, at the same time, putting them easily into contact with the right people, quicker.”

Speakers expected to take to the podium at AfricaCom and the Africa Tech Festival, include:

  • Pamela Coke Hamilton, Executive Director of the International Trade Centre who will be part of a panel: Mobilising Africa’s tech industries to fight the COVID-19 outbreak
  • Dorothy Tembo, Deputy Executive Director at International Trade Centre who will participate in a Fireside Chat: The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA): implications for tech
  • Aissatou Diallo, Country/ Regional Portfolio Manager at International Trade Centre (ITC) UN/WTO who will speak at the AHUB on Youth, Tech and the AfCFTA
  • Aubrey Hruby – an adviser to investors with interests in African markets. She is a Senior Fellow at the Africa Center at the Atlantic Council and the co-author of the award-winning book, The Next Africa, who will chair day two of keynote presentations
  • Rapelang Rabana – Founder and Chair of Rekindle Learning, who has been named Entrepreneur for the World by the World Entrepreneurship Forum and selected as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum who will air her views on a panel: Bridging Africa’s digital skills gap: Enhancing human capacity to realise Africa’s 4IR potential.

The truth is that women have been pioneers driving the industry since the early days of the original green screen and dotmatrix printers.   Take Margaret Hamilton, lead developer on Nasa’s Apollo Space programme, who was responsible for flight software that helped us land on the Moon. Yet, today, 76% of bums on seats are male… and their pay checks are 25% higher than that of their female counterparts.

One of the major counter arguments against promoting women in the industry seems to revolve around the perceived impact on the bottom line, but here’s where women actually stack up well against the boys. Studies show that tech businesses led by women yield on average 35% higher returns on investment than companies run by men – and this on the back of picking up 50% less venture capital funding than their male counterparts. 

The gender gap shouldn’t be seen as a form of competition, but rather as an opportunity for vital collaboration. Something that is keenly required now more than ever. 

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Take your Enterprise to the next level with CPaaS from DIDWW

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Remote communication has never been more important. For large companies and budding enterprises, the post coronavirus world will see more emphasis on ensuring high-quality, in-depth communications. Telecommunications company, DIDWW, is providing these businesses with innovative solutions specifically designed to optimize their operations. 

Effective communication and customer service have always been the cornerstone of a successful business. As the world begins to adapt to the post-coronavirus world, effective remote communication is going to become even more crucial if businesses intend to grow their operations.

Since 2004, telecommunication provider, DIDWW, has been working with companies worldwide, providing local, national, mobile, and toll-free virtual numbers. Their unique offerings allow customers to create innovative solutions to attract more business and increase overall user satisfaction.

The powerful DIDWW Communication Platform (CPaas) solution has been specifically designed to help  growing businesses. In these challenging times, when many companies are facing financial constraints, DIDWW provides a customized pricing plan based on a pay-as-you-go structure to fit their needs.

Utilizing the highest standards possible, DIDWW guarantees complete reliability, while private interconnection, STRP, and TLS ensures maximum security. Companies can also enjoy direct peering and optimized routing procedures, giving them a premium voice service.

Large companies and enterprises will also be able to enjoy custom onboarding, with DIDWW working with each client to address their specific needs. Each DIDWW customer will also be able to take advantage of a dedicated support engineer and 24/7 customer service, ensuring that they will always be able to get the answers to their questions.

Acting as a one-stop-shop, DIDWW provides businesses with the required and fully compliant VoIP building blocks and tools to take their organization forward. Delivering a range of vanity and golden phone number options, DIDWW also provides a free and efficient porting service of all existing business phone numbers to maintain their brand identity. 

Karolis Jurys, the Commercial Manager at DIDWW added, “In these challenging times, we understand that businesses are looking for cost-effective but powerful solutions to take their operations to the next level. DIDWW is proud to be offering a range of unique solutions that have been specifically designed to help businesses transform their communications through our unique all-in-one solution.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, and we provide a full 24/7 service, 365 days a year. Effective communication with your customers has never been more crucial, and our unique services can help you maximize your offering.”

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NEXERA Launches Network API to Automate and Accelerate How Service Providers Connect Across Poland

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NEXERA’s platform was developed in collaboration with Enxoo and delivers an API-centric operator model that increases the agility and speed that local players can interconnect.

Warszawa, 16 October 2020 – NEXERA, Poland’s first exclusively large-scale wholesale telecommunications operator, has launched a Network API that enables service providers to rapidly connect and deploy services across its infrastructure in Poland. Local service providers can use the API to extend their reach with visibility into inventory, automated processes and direct connectivity to one of Poland’s fastest growing high-capacity fibre-optic access networks.

NEXERA’s platform was developed in collaboration with Enxoo, a leading provider of cloud-based solutions for the telecoms industry. The platform enables NEXERA to present its services via API while expanding its capabilities through consuming third-party APIs in the future. Enxoo helped it to deploy a multi-cloud solution that includes the integration of OSS and BSS systems with its network infrastructure. The platform was developed to comply with both the TM Forum and the Metro Ethernet Forum’s (MEF) standards and recommendations.

“We are providing our partners with rapid access to network infrastructure across Poland. We’re removing the barriers to rolling out new services and automating processes to simplify and accelerate how they operate. Interoperability is crucial for the delivery of cohesive and consistent services across Poland and we’re proud to be enabling more partners to benefit from our services,” said Jacek Wiśniewski, CEO at NEXERA. “Automation, APIs and seamless experiences are the foundation for the future of our industry, and we’re excited to be leading this initiative in Poland. We look forward to collaborating with new partners and supporting the delivery of innovative applications and services in the local market.”

NEXERA is the first and largest wholesale-only Fibre to the Home (FTTH) operator in Poland with a Next Generation Access network of the 1,000,000 HPs target coverage. Network development is partially financed with European Funds under the Digital Poland Operation Program (POPC) while the majority of the investment is covered by NEXERA shareholders: Infracapital and Nokia.

“NEXERA is a visionary in the Polish market and together we have rolled out automation, analytics and an API-first strategy across its operations. The launch of its Network API means it can rapidly serve new demand from its partners and enable them to connect and deliver applications and services seamlessly,” said Artur Ostrowski, Chief Commercial Officer at Enxoo. “As a member of the TM Forum as well as the MEF, we recommend and implement solutions based on their guidelines. This implementation for NEXERA is a milestone in the development of standards in Poland and accelerates how the market works together.”

The Network API has been submitted as a Proof of Concept to the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF). It has been launched and is operational with one of one of the largest Internet Service Providers in the Polish market.

“We are the first purely wholesale operator of this scale in Poland based solely on a fibre-optic network, cooperating with many retail operators. We give end customers the opportunity to use the offers of up to seven retail operators, which is unique in the international scale. Therefore, our ambition was to create a single, universal system, setting the standards of operation of entities on the telecommunications market. We are proud that we managed to successfully implement this innovative system,” said Tomasz Wójcik, Business Operations & IT Manage, NEXERA.

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CCS Becomes Approved Member of
 UK Wireless Internet Service Providers Association

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Cambridge, UK, October, 2020 – Cambridge Communication Systems (CCS) Limited is pleased to announce that it has become an approved member of the UK Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (UKWISPA) – the recognised trade body for the fixed wireless access industry in the UK.

CCS joins UKWISPA at a pivotal time for the fixed wireless access (FWA) industry, as changing work patterns, a surge in remote education, and increasing moves to home-working due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continue to drive demand for faster broadband across residential and business communities. Ofcom, the regulating body of UK communications services, has also recently joined UKWISPA, whose aim is to help government bodies and the regulator understand the needs of – and the opportunities offered by – the UK fixed wireless access community to improve the UK broadband landscape.

CCS Executive Chairman Martin Harriman comments: “With Fixed Wireless Access now coming into its own as a way to meet the urgent demand for high-quality broadband, this is absolutely the right time for CCS to join the important UKWISPA community, and for us to contribute to the organisation’s mission of ensuring better quality internet access for everyone. Our Metnet 60G mmWave FWA solution provides an exceptional platform for Gigabit connectivity and virtual fibre services, and we are looking forward to bringing our experience to bear and working closely with UKWISPA and its members, and helping to serve the country’s connectivity needs throughout and beyond the current challenges.”

Working with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DDCMS) and its broadband delivery team, Building Digital UK, UKWISPA is helping to shape several voucher schemes, which use public funds to support the installation of ultra-high-speed internet access to properties that need it, through both fibre and wireless connectivity.

CCS Metnet 60G mmWave Fixed Wireless Access technology enables operators and service providers to rapidly deliver Gigabit services to residential and enterprise customers – from bustling urban centres to remote rural villages. CCS’s Metnet ultra-high capacity unlicensed 60G mmWave mesh system offers 12Gbps nodes with an all-round multi-radio view plus 1Gbps Metnet CPEs to deliver an unrivalled hybrid backhaul and Gigabit fixed wireless access (FWA) solution. Metnet’s 60G nodes and 60G CPEs connect autonomously and intelligently, forming a flexible mesh network powered by CCS’s advanced self-organising and self-healing SDN software.

Metnet offers an optimal Gigabit FWA solution for deployment spanning dense urban, suburban and rural areas, delivering high capacity and supporting low-cost FWA subscribers.

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